Vital thanks to Vital Menu

Hello Anifit team,

We have been feeding the wet food and Rydog Vital Menu for a week now. Our dog Winston has a sensitive stomach and doesn't tolerate all foods. We have fed him BARF since he was a puppy and were actually happy with it. Now he is 5 years old and we were concerned about his diet, as he is wild about faeces and licks everything off the floor that is not firmly attached. We became sceptical as to whether he was really getting all the nutrients from the BARF. We wanted to find a healthy, balanced alternative to BARF for our dog Winston and came across Anifit RyDog in our search. We have now been feeding this for a week. Winston initially had severe diarrhoea, but this has now normalised. He's really keen on this food and so is our cat, who has given up her food and goes to Winston's bowl and steals bits while he eats and he allows it because he loves her.

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